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The Los Angeles County vehicle warranty lawyers at Counts Law Firm are skilled at negotiating and litigating new automobile defect cases.   Attorney Counts previously represented some of the largest automotive manufacturers, dealers, and finance companies in the country, including Porsche Cars, Honda Motors, and local car dealerships.  We use the information earned representing them, and apply it in favor of our clients in their consumer lemon law cases.

Counts Law Firm uses its experience and knowledge to level the playing field for California automotive consumers. California’s Consumer Warranty Act safeguards Californians who discover their new vehicle is defective. Every day, car manufacturers use teams of lawyers in California that fight tooth and nail to keep from paying lemon law claims. Counts Law Firm levels the playing field by advocating on your behalf to get the settlement, refund, or replacement vehicle you deserve. And, what’s great is the law says that lemon automakers have to reimburse you for reasonable attorney fees.

Under California lemon law presumption, repair attempts for defects must take place during the original vehicle warranty period and should take place within the first 18 months or within the first 18,000 miles  – whichever comes first. If the defect is likely to cause serious injury, then there have to be at least two repair attempts before the vehicle is considered a lemon. If the problem is not likely to cause serious injury, then you need to give the dealer at least three or more repair attempts to fix the defect before the vehicle is considered a lemon.  Sometimes, a lemon doesn’t have one single defect but a series of different defects. Other times, a dealer may hold a vehicle in the repair shop without fixing it.  California lemon law says that a vehicle that has been in the shop for a cumulative total of more than 30 days also qualifies as a lemon. After the required number of repair attempts, the law requires that you (preferably your lawyer) send a formal notice to the manufacturer about the problem.

California lemon law says that you are entitled to a refund that includes the purchase price including manufacturer options, taxes, license fees, registration fees, and loan fees. You are also entitled to a refund for towing charges and rental car costs. The law says that the manufacturer will charge you for the number of miles you drove the lemon prior to taking it to the shop for the first repair attempt. That offset deduction amount is calculated by a formula under California lemon law.

Ask yourself this: How many times in your life will you fight for your lemon law rights? You may do it once, but it would be best to hire Counts Law Firm who fights for lemon law rights, every day. That means we understand the nuances of California lemon law, and that we know all too well the ways that companies try to avoid doing what’s right. If you suspect you have a lemon, don’t wait. Time is of the essence, and the car manufacturer would love to run out the clock to wriggle out of paying your claim. Counts Law Firm’s lemon law lawyers will guide you through the process of scheduling repair attempts, notifying the manufacturer, collecting documentation, and will negotiate your lemon law claim. Our lemon law firm will be there every step of the way.

While we are fully prepared to appear with you in an automotive arbitration through the BBB, or file a formal lawsuit in court, once the carmaker knows that the lemon law lawyers at Counts Law Firm are representing you in your vehicle warranty case, they will be more likely to offer you a cash settlement, buyback, or replacement vehicle. When that happens, we will give you all of the information you need in order to make an informed settlement decision. Remember, Counts Law Firm has one priority: put the right pressure on the automaker to do the right thing.

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