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Emahn Counts and his litigation team have personally resolved over 1,000 litigation matters, with results totaling in the tens of millions of dollars for clients.

Statements about prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each representation.

  • Dismissed $300K Claim & Recovered $50K Cross-Claim
    Automotive Business Purchase Trial Defense & Cross-Claim
  • $50K Settlement
    Printing Company Contract Dispute
  • $100K Settlement
    Consumer Banking Dispute
  • $15K Judgment
    Restaurant Equipment Dispute
  • $450K Settlement
    Tech Company Partnership Sale
  • $20K Recovered in Settlement
    Wholesale Food Collections
  • Joint Custody Awarded
    Celebrity Custody Dispute
  • Joint Custody & Support $2.7K per month Awarded
    Father’s Rights
  • Sole Child Custody to Father and Monitored Visitation to Mother
    Father’s Rights
  • $2.5K per month Awarded
    Child Support
  • Sole Custody Awarded
    Custody Modification
  • Alimony $1,800 / Month Plus House
    Divorce Settlement
  • Restraining Order Dismissed
    Neighbor Restraining Order Defense
  • $1.5MM in assets protected
    Prenuptial Agreement
  • Dismissal of Lawsuit
    Restraining Order Defense
  • Restraining Order Awarded
    Restraining Order Request
  • $2K per month Awarded
    Spousal Support
  • Denial of Request
    Spousal Support Defense
  • $35K Settlement
    Broker Sale Commission Dispute
  • $35K Settlement
    Construction Fraud
  • $80K Settlement
    Contractor Construction Defect
  • $50K Settlement
    Co-Ownership/Tenancy Dispute
  • Case Dismissed
    Eviction Defense
  • $10K Recovered
    HOA Dues
  • $100K Surplus Funds Recovered
    Judgment Lien
  • $75K Settlement
    Partnership Co-Ownership Dispute
  • Dismissal
    Quiet Title Defense
  • $53K Arbitration Award Recovered
    Real Estate Agent Commission Collections
  • $200K Trial Judgment Recovered
    Real Estate Broker Loan Fraud
  • $300K Recovered by Foreclosure Sale, Garnishment, and Levy
    Real Estate Collections
  • $60K Recovered
    Real Estate Construction Collections Litigation
  • $175K Trial Judgment and Lien Recorded
    Real Estate Construction Dispute
  • Trial Judgment $40K Recovered
    Real Estate Negligent Construction
  • $40K Judgment
    Real Estate Sale Fraud
  • $500K Fraudulent Lien Removed
    Residential Lien
  • Restraining Order Dismissed
    Tenant Restraining Order Defense
  • $1MM Debt Settled for $500K
    Architect Business Debt Negotiation
  • $35K Debt Settled for $17K
    Architectural Firm Contract Dispute
  • $50K Insurance Payout Recovered
    Automobile Insurance Dispute
  • $60K Court Judgment
    Automobile Loan Fraud
  • $80K Recovered
    Business Collections Litigation
  • $45K Recovered
    Business Investment
  • $15K Recovered
    Check Cashing Business Invoices
  • $700K Debt Settled for $70K
    Consumer Debt Negotiation
  • $25K Recovered
    Country Club Invoices
  • Dismissal
    Credit Card Debt Buyer Negotiation
  • $20K Debt Settled for $6K
    Credit Card Debt Litigation Negotiation
  • $10K Debt Settled for $3K
    Debt Negotiation
  • $100K Debt Dismissed for $0
    Defense of Collections Lawsuit
  • $400K Debt Settled for $100K
    Dentist Debt Negotiation
  • $10K Small Claims Judgment Affirmed
    Event Planning Business Invoices
  • $30K Settlement
    Family Loan
  • Dismissal for $0
    Jewelry Business Debt Negotiation
  • $96K Trial Judgment
    Jewelry Fraud
  • $100K Recovered
    Landscaping Business Invoices
  • $25K Recovered / Dismissal of Cross-Complaint
    Law Firm Invoices
  • $25K Recovered
    Marijuana Asset Seizure
  • Medical Debt Negotiation
    $100K Debt / Dismissed for $0 & Insurance Coverage Obtained
  • $100K Debt Settled for $30K
    Physician Business Debt Negotiation
  • $65K Recovered
    Plumbing Business Invoices
  • $400K Settlement
    Promissory Note (Loan)
  • $150K 2nd Mortgage Settled for $10K
    Real Estate Debt Negotiation
  • $1MM Loan Modification
    Real Estate Debt Negotiation
  • $300K Debt Settled for $50K
    Real Estate Loan 2nd Debt Litigation
  • $100K Recovered
    Refrigerator Business Invoices
  • $240K Judgment
    Restaurant Equipment Collections
  • Settlement Agreements / $250K Recovered
    Restaurant Equipment Collections Multiple Cases
  • $200K Settled for $100K
    Student Loan Debt Negotiation
  • Dismissal of Lawsuit
    Accident Liability Defense
  • Settlement Agreement - Vehicle Recovered
    Automobile Dealership Repossession
  • Court Case Dismissed
    Automobile (Porsche) Contract Litigation Defense
  • $85K Court Judgment
    Automobile Repair Breach of Contract/Theft
  • $35K Settlement
    Commercial Vehicle Negligent Repair
  • $25K Settlement
    Consumer/Dealer Fraud Dispute
  • $30K Settlement
    Consumer Vehicle Negligent Repair
  • $50K Settlement
    Franchise Dispute
  • $20K Settlement
    Insurance Coverage Dispute
  • Refund and Attorney Fees Recovered
    Lemon Law Automobile (GM) Buy-back
  • Refund and Attorney Fees Recovered
    Lemon Law Automobile (Fiat)
  • Refund Plus attorneys fees
    Lemon Law Warranty
  • $35K Recovery
    Vehicle Sublease Dispute

Firm News

Emahn Counts Selected to U.S. News & World Report, The Best Lawyers in America® 2024 for Real Estate Litigation

August 17, 2023 – Emahn Counts, Founding Partner at Counts Law Firm PC in Los Angeles, was named to the The Best Lawyers in America® list for Real Estate Litigation.

Considered as one of the premier accolades in the legal field, The Best Lawyers in America holds distinction. Making it onto the yearly compilation of top-tier lawyers underscores the honorees’ professional aptitude and the standing they’ve nurtured among colleagues. Esteemed attorneys undergo meticulous scrutiny from fellow legal professionals through a comprehensive, multi-step selection process. Those meriting inclusion in the publication are regarded as having not just achieved, but exceeded, the pinnacle standards of professional eminence within their specific spheres of practice.


Best Lawyers

Los Angeles Times 2023 Business of Law Visionary

In June 2023, the LA Times profiled Emahn Counts among the most influential attorneys from 8 practice areas for their accomplishments as its 2023 Visionaries.

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Los Angeles Times 2023 Southern California Leading Attorneys

In May 2023, the LA Times named Emahn Counts among the leading consumer attorneys in Southern California.

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3/20/23 Daily Journal featured article,”Down to Business: Counts Law Firm helps clients with business, family, real estate challenges.” 

Pasadena litigator Emahn Counts studied entrepreneurship as an undergraduate, and his passion for owning his own business dates all the way back to elementary school.

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Daily Journal

Counts Law Firm PC Founder, Emahn Counts, Recognized Among the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2023 ‘Leaders of Influence: Minority Attorneys’

Counts Law Firm PC, congratulates its founder, Emahn Counts, on being named among the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2023 ‘Leaders of Influence: Minority Attorneys’ list. The list “highlights stellar minority attorneys who are considered to be particularly impactful on the legal scene, while serving as trusted advisors, along with maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards.”

Please find Mr. Count’s profile in the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2023  ‘Leaders of Influence: Minority Attorneys‘ list.

Los Angeles Business Journal 2023 Leaders of Influence: Minority Attorneys


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