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The Los Angeles County debt collection lawyers at Counts Law Firm are skilled at collecting unpaid loans, invoices, and judgments for individuals, professionals, and small businesses.   Attorney Counts was the lawyer in charge of the Pasadena California office for one of the largest nationwide collection agencies in the country.  We use the information Attorney Counts learned representing banks, credit card companies, and other lenders, and apply it to our collection cases. We provide Los Angeles County clients with full-service one-stop-shop debt collection:

  • Background Research & Asset Report
  • Settlement Demand Letter
  • Settlement Negotiation/Settlement Agreement
  • Court Complaint/Court Judgment
  • Real Estate Lien/Bank Account Levy/Wage Garnishment

Collections Background Research

Our Collections Background Research may provide debtor aliases, business names, trusts, spouses, addresses, real estate owned, social security number, date of birth, bankruptcy information, and tax lien information. We verify the debtor’s corporate status with the Secretary of State and check the debtor’s professional license information. We search to uncover the debtor’s personal, business, and employment information. Upon your request, a private investigator searches bank accounts, investment accounts, and other asset accounts for bank location and balance information.

Collections Demand Letter

Our Collections Demand Letter informs the debtor that we represent you, states the material terms of your contract, and advises of the default. We demand payment to you within ten (10) days and promise if its not paid that you will file a lawsuit for additional interest, damages, attorney fees, and court costs. We do not waste any words; we get right to the point and use direct language. If there is no settlement reached after our Demand Letter, we immediately file the lawsuit. Our debt collections firm Demand Letter is generally more effective, persuasive, and powerful than a call or message from you personally to the debtor. It is an effective way to “draw the line in the sand” and let them know you are serious about payment. Our Demand Letter makes it clear in the debtor’s mind that they will expend significant time, energy, and money if they continue to avoid payment. Our Demand Letter also presents the best business decision for the debtor: pay or negotiate a payment plan in order to avoid court. We take the time to prepare a convincing and well thought out argument to provide you with a significant positive response from your debtor. Serving the Demand Letter in this manner provides you with the maximum impact.  Many people will respond to our Demand Letter rather than face a lawsuit.

California Collections Court Complaint

Our California Collections Court Complaint often involves a loan, unpaid services, or unpaid goods.  Collections Complaints are supported by written documentation such as a contract, agreement, invoices, receipts, delivery confirmations, canceled checks, bank statements, letters, emails, or other admissions. We present these documents to the court, together with your testimony or declaration, and information we obtain through discovery, to win your case. We do not initiate unnecessary forms of litigation in order to minimize litigation and maximize your recovery.  We can win in court by default, settlement, or trial.

When a Defendant is served with a court complaint but does not respond in writing within thirty (30) days, they may lose the case by default and their property, bank accounts and employment income can be garnished. If a settlement is not reached and paid, a Court Judgment will be entered, including court costs, and it will be enforced aggressively. If you have already obtained, or if we obtain a Court Judgment, which has not yet been collected, we know how to enforce that Judgment to collect your money. For example, if a Defendant fails to pay the judgment amount and assets are not apparent, they may be subject to a debtor examination and bench warrant for arrest for failure to appear.  We move quickly and aggressively through examination of the debtor’s assets, levy on bank accounts, garnishment on wages, and liens on real property, and do not let up until you are paid.

Debt Negotiation

The debt negotiation attorneys at Counts Law Firm are skilled in negotiating California credit cards, automobile loans, goods and services invoices, creditor lawsuits, and judgments for individuals, professionals, and small businesses.  We use the information we learned previously representing banks, credit card companies, automobile finance companies, and other lenders, including American Express and Bank of America, and apply it in favor of our Los Angeles County consumer and small business customers.

We contact creditors with a Settlement Demand Letter explaining our clients economic hardships, total debt obligations, and likelihood to seek bankruptcy if our settlement proposal were not accepted. We provide our clients with two simple settlement options to resolve their debts and lawsuits: 1) Discounted Lump Sum Settlements, or 2) Monthly Payment Plan Settlements.  We then propose our clients negotiated terms, and a Written Settlement Agreement to resolve the debts.

Counts Law Firm, a Los Angeles County California debt negotiation attorney, provides more leverage than a non-attorney debt consolidation company and stops debt collectors from contacting you – instead they must contact your attorney.  Our negotiated agreement can reduce expenses, collections calls, stress, dismiss lawsuits, avoid bankruptcy, and regain financial control.

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