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Although we want to live happily ever after, the reality of going through a divorce, custody, or restraining order matter is that you are in one of the hardest times in life.  Hard times require good counsel.  Family law requires a balance of compassion and aggression. Your choice of attorney during your divorce, custody, support, and/or restraining order matter is a crucial decision in your success.

Counts Law Firm is not your average Los Angeles family law attorney

Attorney Counts is a family-first thinker that has personally experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of prenuptials, divorce, custody, support, and property division.  A divorce lawyer who has been where you are can relate to your experience.  A family law firm with about 20 years of experience that can communicate in plain English to help you make informed decisions and navigate your challenges.

In many divorce and custody cases, the parties are in an emotional state that impairs their ability to reach logical agreements.  At Counts Law Firm, our divorce lawyers and custody lawyers will quickly determine relevant facts, legal issues, and your goals, so that we can work for your family’s best interest.  With our divorce attorneys on your side, you can be confident that your interests are protected through smart decision-making, experience, efficiency, and transparency.

As children-first custody attorneys, we guide you in establishing a new working relationship as a co-parent with a common interest in the well-being of your children. We obtain legal custody and physical custody settlements, meet with minor’s counsel, mediate, file motions to establish and/or modify custody, and defend move-away motions. We have a reputation in advocating fathers’ rights in parental alienation cases; ensuring that fathers have significant timeshare to play a substantial role in their children’s lives.

Our experience as business attorneys allows our firm to understand the financial terms of family law matters including child support, spousal support, division of real property, family businesses, bank accounts, retirement accounts, and debts.  Even the most amicable property division and support case can benefit from sound financial advice.

One way to reduce the stress of a future divorce, property division, or spousal support matter, is by having a family attorney prepare a prenuptial agreement before marriage. And, to make sure your family prospers even after death do you part, our family lawyers prepare living trusts for California families.  If you have a family law matter you will benefit from a strong and capable advocate to protect your family’s interests.

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