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The Los Angeles County business contract lawyers at Counts Law Firm are skilled and experienced at drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contractual agreements for individuals, professionals, and businesses throughout California. We handle individual-to-business contracts and business-to-business contracts including: service agreements, purchase agreements, consulting agreements, joint venture agreements, partnership agreements, independent contractor agreements, and other business and real estate contracts.

At the beginning of a business relationship, goodwill and trust is often provided at the start. However, the desire to be friendly may result in important details being overlooked. At Counts Law Firm, we highly recommend that you have an experienced California business contracts attorney draft and/or advise you on your contracts to ensure that your interests are protected and that both sides have a clear understanding of all material terms.

Our Los Angeles business lawyers have prepared and reviewed many business contracts, large and small, for individuals and business owners. Attorney Emahn Counts believes that simplicity and ease of understanding is the goal in business contracts; not adding every possible boilerplate provision with non-understandable legalese. With our experience and skills, we draft clear, effective, and professional business contracts. The best investment against future business disputes and business contract litigation is to have an adept business lawyer prepare your business contracts to minimize future misunderstandings, disputes, and losses. We provide our clients with concise information to enter into business contracts fully aware of rights and obligations under California law.

And, of course, we draft and negotiate business contracts to place our clients in the best position on the most important terms of the agreement. Moreover, if there is a future dispute, our business contract lawyers actively represent our clients in breach of contract court litigation.

We Represent Business Contract Clients In:

  • Contract drafting – when drafting a contract, we prepare a contract that meets the needs of our client.
  • Contract review – when reviewing a contract, we check for ambiguities, inconsistencies, illegalities, missing, and unacceptable clauses for our client.
  • Contract negotiation – when negotiating a contract, we ensure that the best positions and terms are met for our client.
  • Contract litigation – when litigating a breach of contract, we enforce the terms to obtain court remedies for our client.

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Whether you’re running a small business or a big company, the legal agreements you sign are important. Not all business contracts are created equal.  A business attorney can answer your questions and help you with legal matters involving business contracts.

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