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There are several types of Los Angeles County lease disputes that result in evictions. First, there are evictions based on the failure to pay rent due under a lease agreement.  Typical defenses are improper notice, improper rent increases, and habitability defect claims. Second, there are for-fault evictions for violation (and failure to cure) of other lease terms, such as occupancy, assignment, noise, or criminal conduct. Third, there are no-fault evictions where the tenant has not done anything wrong but the landlord is seeking to regain possession for a legal reason such as to remove the property from the market, for renovations, or for sale.

Currently, many evictions have been effectively on hold from 2019-2022 if the tenant answers the unlawful detainer complaint with 1) pandemic moratorium defenses that prevent non-payment evictions, and/or 2) local city/Los Angeles County/California state-specific rent control code defenses that prevent certain for-fault and no-fault evictions.

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